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Dear friends, this DVD is smoking hot! My name is producer Carmen. I have shot all the vidoes on this DVD and most videos on this site (all but the ones that I appear in myself). I also appear in one of the scenes. How often to do you get to watch real life porn shot by a hot woman? All the girls on this DVD are amatuers who fuck from the heart. All the boy-girl scenes feature real couples who are infatuated with each other for real, who love to fuck each other whether they get paid or not. In contrast with most of the porn out there these women are truly having a blast getting dicked down by their lovers. There is no fake moaning and groaning for money here. This is real life, folks! This is not commercial fakery. I get bored out of my mind watching commercial porn. But filming real couples is always so exciting and so new every single time. Join me on my adventure of love and lust!



Howdy! I am Carmen, the girl in this video and the producer of Lustful Goddess. I filmed this scene with my boyfriend shortly after I had a baby. My tits are bursting with milk. I spray it all over John’s face and dick. He loves it, wouldn’t you? It’s fun to fuck and film yourself fucking. How often do you see a porn flick shot by a hot and horny woman? This is a real treat for those who are more savy and those who love the natural look of a hairy and bushy pussy. I use a hand-held camera and a stationary camera so you can see my voluptuous body from all angles. It was a blast shooting this flick and I hope you have a blast watching me fuck my boyfriend’s brains out in an arm chair.


Christa and Tom are a real couple. Christa is literally crazy about this man and she LOVES to fuck him. I swear she would probably fuck him 24/7 if she didn’t have to do other things like eat and sleep. This is exactly the kind of girl I love to film. Not only is she horny as hell but she is also unshaven, all natural, her pussy is bushy, soft and fragrant just as a hairy pussy is meant to be. In this episode Christa and Tom are playing out their fantasy - they came up with this script themselves. And what can be a bigger turn on than playing out your own fantasy? In this scene Christa is an entry-level worker at the futon store. Tom is her boss, her manager. Christa has just turned 18 and she has the biggest crush on Tom. He almost cought her masturbating on one of the futons but she got dressed just in time. It turns out Tom has been waiting for Christa to turn 18 so he could get a real good taste of her pussy with his tongue and his dick. Christa is still resisting, she wants to stay a virgin. Tom ends up seducing her and fucking her gorgeous ass. This one has a nice cum shot at the end with sperm smearing all over and dripping down Christa’s pussy hair as she lies on her stomach.


Aloma is a hot brunette from South America. She is as hot as South America itself. She is the queen of hairy and natural - bushy armpits, hairy legs and a tropical jungle between her legs. Aloma is lying down in her backyard reading a book about September 11. She is relaxing and tanning in the nude when she notices that a man is peeking at her over the fence. Aloma gets mad and confronts the "pervert". "I was just reading the meter" - the guy says. "Is there a meter in my pussy?" - asks Aloma and things progress from there. The guy gets lucky, really lucky - see for yourself how this embarassing incident turns into smoking hot sucking and fucking under the blazing sun.

Aida is a shy but very mischievious and very naughty little latina. She is in her early twenties but when I first saw her I had to take a really good look at her ID because I was worried that she was way younger than she said she was. With a body of a young teenage hottie and her wild sexual drive that she tries to hide behind her shyness (unsuccessfully so) she will drive you crazy if you like women who love to flirt and play and who melt like butter from a sensuous touch. Watch her touch herself all over and watch her rub her hairy pussy to an orgasm. By the way, a real orgasm, I swear - I have filmed a lot of them and I know the difference. No fake screaming, guys, let’s get real, this girl has never been filmed before and is not a pro by any means. If you enjoy real women with natural pussy hair and want to know how they really are and what they really enjoy - watch this one!


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